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More animals in the home: tips for peaceful coexistence

More animals in the home: tips for peaceful coexistence

More animals in the home: tips for peaceful coexistence

Pets become true members of the household, parts of the family that, it is difficult to do without. From simple companionship to psychological or physical support, our animal friends have the ability to improve our days and accompany us as the most faithful companions, so much so that they are recognized as faithful friends on whom we can always rely. Precisely for this reason, when conditions permit, we sometimes feel the need to have two or more animals in the house, so as to double the positive emotions that only they can spread in the domestic space. We must remember, however, that, cats and dogs, have their own character just like us and, likewise, they may have likes and dislikes that will make it easier or more difficult for them to welcome a new friend into their home. The feeling can be comparable to suddenly being forced to share one's daily living space, the now well-established routine, with a stranger. While we have the ability to choose with whom we share our space animals do not. If it is the owner's will, they are bound to really share their space, whether it suits them or not. 

Animals, however, are also very adaptive; an initially difficult encounter can easily turn, over time, into an inseparable friendship inclined to bring additional sweet moments into the home. While in several cases there is no need for specific accouterments to introduce the two animals, there are useful tips to facilitate the meeting and make it as least traumatic as possible for our friends. This also depends on the type of animal you own and want to introduce into the family. 

Two dogs in the house: how to facilitate a peaceful coexistence 

Dogs are very lively, friendly animals and tend to trust their owners very quickly. This, of course, also depends on their temperament and background, which can make them a bit more guarded and wary. The best way to introduce two or more dogs is in neutral territory, so not indoors and, if possible, not indoors. The best choice is to select a park and walk the two animals on a leash, an element that allows you to control their movements, if necessary, and prevent them from straying into the environment. With a fairly light grip, one allows the dogs to enter into a "pack" perspective and recognize the person as their shared master. In this way, you give our four-legged friends a chance to get to know each other in a place that is not already the home, which helps detach them from any protective struggles. In the home, you should allow the two animals to maintain their own spaces, separating them if possible and bringing them together through short play sessions, where you should not interfere except when extremely necessary. The initial goal is to allow at least a peaceful cohesion, thereafter it will be natural, for them, to get closer and closer.

Tips for welcoming two cats into your home 

Cats can be tender and sweet when they want to be but, basically, they are animals that value their independence and, above all, their own living space. This temperamental propensity of theirs makes the introduction of multiple cats more complex, which, in most cases, is characterized by whispers and sounds that clearly communicate territoriality and confusion.

When bringing a new cat home, the advice is to place it in a small dedicated space, such as a room, that can instill confidence in it the first few days. By separating it from the rest of the house, which remains with the other feline, you allow the latter to feel in control of the environment, still untainted by the smell of a potential enemy. Next, you can encourage introduction through the closed door separating the two spaces by placing on opposite sides the two bowls from which the cats will feed within inches of each other. This technique facilitates getting to know the scent of the other feline, making it recognizable and not an intruder. Once you feel that the two animals are quiet enough, slowly open the door to introduce them physically and visually, while still keeping them occupied with various games to make the newcomer connect the positive moment. If the introduction is found to be less than optimal, you can guide the new cat inside its small space and try again the next few days, keeping in mind that, small puffs and hisses, are completely normal and not, necessarily, a negative sign.

As already stated, the character of each animal is subjective and personal and, consequently, even the meeting of several animals may be defined by different and varying circumstances. Those just presented, are just a few tips to facilitate the introduction of additional dogs and cats into one's family. The importance lies in offering, to one's animals, a peaceful and smooth change of daily life, as well as preventing the family dynamics from being disrupted by unpleasant incidents. 

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