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Five things dogs love

Five things dogs love

Five things dogs love

Dogs are loyal and affectionate animals, capable of giving unconditional love every day. But what makes a dog happy? There are five things they particularly love, let's see them together.

The first thing dogs love is smells. That's why they sniff everything, looking for smells that remind them of their owner or something else. Their sense of smell is highly developed, and it is a way for them to recognize people and objects to which they are attached. 
For dogs, the smell of the owner is reassuring, giving them a sense of security and belonging.

Caresses on the chest
It is well known that dogs love caresses, but not in all places. After years of study, it was discovered that chest strokes have a calming effect on dogs, while belly strokes can cause stress and anxiety. When petting a dog, it is important to pay attention to its reactions and respect its limits, avoiding stroking too vigorously or touching body parts it does not like. In this way, you can establish a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Walking (more than food)
Numerous studies have shown that, for a dog, walking is much more important than eating. 
Walking is important for dogs for two reasons: it contributes to its physical and mental health and helps satisfy its instinct to explore its environment and socialize with other pups. 
From a physical point of view, walking helps improve blood circulation, stimulating his digestive system and reducing stress.

Watching from the window
Although it is not their primary sense, dogs are able to see well up to a distance of 20 feet. Dogs often spend hours leaning out of windows observing the outside world. Therefore, when you have a dog in homes it is important to keep the curtains and shutters open to allow the dog to look outside. Beware, if he is looking out the window and barking constantly most likely he has either noticed something strange or needs to do outdoor activities.

Special food
How many times have you felt you were being watchedə by your dog while you were at the table eating? With those big eyes that seem to be begging you to give him a piece of what you are eating.
This is because dogs are gourmets and do not like to eat kibble all the time. To make him happy, instead of stretching food from the table, which could harm his health and spoil him, it is good to prepare him a suitable dish or buy him dog cookies. This way you vary the diet and give him a special meal. In this way, the dog will feel pampered and loved.
In summary, dogs are wonderful animals that have so much to offer but it is equally true that we must give them all the attention they need to make them happy. Each dog is unique and different from others. He has his own likes and dislikes, and so it is necessary to observe him carefully to understand what makes him happy and satisfied. Learning to listen to your dog, respect his needs and give them the right attention can be the key to creating an unbreakable relationship of love and loyalty.

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